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I am a magician in online games

The Phoenix with the crown said, “Boy, I haven’t seen you for a few days. It’s a good upgrade.”. At this time, he began to look at me and said, “Your equipment is not very good, I will give you four pieces of equipment, all of which are super artifacts, and I will open your staff and turn it into a super zero point artifact.”. I was surprised that it gave me a super artifact. Suddenly there were four more pieces of magician’s equipment in front of it, and I was all equipped. In this way, my whole body is a super artifact, a super zero point artifact ring, and my staff will be opened into a super zero point artifact. I handed it the staff, which was suspended in the air, and a bottle of red liquid was poured on the staff. I saw the staff emitting red light, surrounded by rainbow color, suddenly the staff was like being coated with a layer of oil, shining. I feel much more comfortable in my hand. The Phoenix with the crown said, “Well, you can take it away. Now I want Xiao Ning to live here for a few days. Do you have any opinion?”. The kitten said, “No, if you put it here, it will let Xiaoning break away from your relationship, and you will not be able to be together in the future, and you will not have a phoenix.”. I was shocked, so many phoenixes here, I can not put Xiaoning here, I said, “No, unless Xiaoning himself is willing to be here.”. My heart is cold,Ceramic Band Heater, actually said such words, such words, I sent out half of Xiaoning, I can put all the pressure on Xiaoning. I was waiting anxiously. At this time, Xiao Ning said, “I want to be with Carter and with him.”. The phoenix with the crown said, “No, how can the phoenix of my kamikaze family be the Warcraft of ordinary people?”. I said, “Since he doesn’t want to, don’t force him.”. The Phoenix with the crown said,Alumina Ceramic C795, “If you don’t put Xiao Ning here today, don’t blame me for being rude.”. At this time, I jumped on the phoenix and galloped outside quickly. In a twinkling of an eye, the phoenix with the crown has been chasing behind. I know my speed is very fast, but Phoenix is catching up slowly. Suddenly appeared in front of my eyes, I know this phoenix is not so simple. Maybe if it breathes fire, I will be finished, but I can revive, so it is not so easy for it to find me, and I don’t want to die so soon, it’s better to hand over Xiao Ning. Suddenly it breathed fire, and the bear jumped out by itself, blowing ice out of its mouth, just to offset its fire. Suddenly, a wing of the crown of the phoenix threw out a cursor, I know, this is enough to let me lose three lives. Suddenly the kitten came out, suddenly turned into a two-hundred-level kitten, the red blood horse also came out, three Warcraft at the same time released three lights, ceramic bobbin heater core ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, just offset. The kitten said, “If you want to kill Carter, ask us if we agree first.”. At this time, it looked at the red blood horse, looked at the bear, looked at the kitten, and froze. Boy, you are awesome, now I give you Xiao Ning, I am also relieved, there are four palace-level mythical beasts, maybe they are not now, later you will know their real power, it is best to send them back to their own family, learn skills, now you take Xiao Ning to our family to learn skills. I suddenly found that the Phoenix with a crown had a much better attitude towards me. I followed the phoenix with the crown to their Tianfeng family. At this time, I summoned Xiao Ning, I said, “You go to learn skills with your grandfather, we are good here.”. At the same time, the bear and the kitten, and the red blood horse are here. I sit on the chair and watch. I studied for two months. Finally, Phoenix Xiaoning came out. A halo is on Xiao Ning’s head. The Phoenix with the crown said, “Xiao Ning keeps the Phoenix blood of the most authentic Tianfeng family. Its power can be brought into full play in the future. It can even break through the palace-level mythical beast and become the supreme mythical beast.” The supreme mythical beast? It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. En, you still need to practice more now, and you will know it later. You can go to practice. I jumped on the Phoenix and disappeared. I haven’t updated it these two days, and I updated three chapters today. This is the second chapter. Chapter 34 of the main text Updated: 2010-04-02 21:10:03 Words in this Chapter: 2293 At this time, we disappeared into the sky. Phoenix with a crown said, “a lucky boy, there are three colorful stones at this point, and the potential for the future is immeasurable.”. I said, “Let’s do what he said. Let’s go to your family. Let’s go to the family of the red blood horse first and see what their family is like.”. We soon saw a very large palace, and countless red blood horses were flying in the air. My red blood horse, Xiao Lin, said, “My family has arrived, and here is the Tianma family named after the Tianfeng family.”. I stroked the pony and said, “Well, let’s go to your father now and see if he has any tricks to teach you.”. We went in, and at this point, we saw a man come out, and he looked at me and said, “You’re Carter,” and looked at him, surrounded by fairies. With a feeling of elation and a fan in my hand, I said, “Senior, is it the family of Red Blood Horse here?”. He said, “Yes, I am the leader of the Red Blood Horse.”. I looked at the white-haired man in front of me and said, “But there are all horses here.” “Haha, if the level of a Warcraft reaches a certain limit, it can become human.”. At this time, several people came from behind. A man suddenly came up and said, “Xiao Lin, is that you?”. “Father,” said Xiao Lin, my Warcraft red horse. Xiao Lin’s parents said, “Come in and sit down.”. We went in, and at this point, I said, “I came here to let the red blood horse learn some family skills.”. Kobayashi’s parents said, “That’s easy to handle. It’s not a bad thing to let Kobayashi follow you to practice. I’ll teach him the skills of our family from tomorrow.”. I nodded. I don’t know much about this fairy world now,steatite c221, so I decided to get to know this fairy world. I rode the phoenix towards the city. At this time, when I was walking on the road, Lanting jumped down on a dragon. Came to me.

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