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Interpreter In Dubai: 4 Roles You Didn't Know Existed

Dubai translation service social media villes
Dubai translation service social media villes

One of the most important jobs in the UAE, if not the world, is that of the interpreter. Their job requires them to translate between two people or groups of people.

Who are unable to communicate with each other, such as when one party speaks English and the other speaks Arabic?

The job can be incredibly stressful and nerve-wracking, as well as incredibly rewarding if done right!

Here are 4 roles you didn’t know existed in the role of an interpreter in Dubai.

Educational Interpreter in Dubai

A few hours into a conference, you realize your organization’s international attendees have vastly different knowledge and understanding of essential concepts, from economic development to innovative sales strategies.

To build credibility and make sure everyone understands what’s being said, you call for an educational interpreter.

(Also see: educational interpreter in Dubai) Social-service interpreter: When there are large numbers of refugees who need basic services like food or shelter.

An Arabic-speaking social service interpreter is called upon to facilitate communication between them and aid workers. (Also see: Social service interpreter in Dubai)

With today’s technology, there are more options than ever before when it comes to interpretation services in Dubai.

As more businesses turn toward teleconferencing and videoconferencing as a way to communicate with customers across long distances.

Interpreter in Dubai are needed for everything from medical appointments and job interviews to presentations at global conferences.

And with these technologies come new roles that require specialized skillsets – not just language proficiency but also computer skills. Such as PowerPoint use and video streaming expertise.

Simultaneous Interpreting

While most interpreter in Dubai focus on consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is also widely used.

In a large meeting, it may be difficult to maintain consistency of tone and clarity without an interpreter jumping back and forth.

This helps ensure that nothing is lost in translation or communication gaps when switching between two languages or dialects.

Simultaneous interpreting can be done for conference calls (telephonic interpretation) or through remote interpreting (video interpretation).

If you’re looking for an interpreter in Dubai, many companies offer remote interpretation services in Dubai.

For example, verified offers video conferencing with certified interpreter in Dubai so that meetings can continue seamlessly. Even if participants speak different languages or use diverse dialects.

Medical Interpreting

This is a common role for interpreter in Dubai, and it’s really just translating medical jargon from one language to another.

Most often, these interpreters are bilingual (in English and Arabic), but they may also be multilingual (Spanish + German + Pashto).

Either way, an interpreter working on behalf of an organization like Doctors Without Borders must have at least a basic understanding of medicine to be able to translate properly.

Legal Interpreter in Dubai

Interpreting is a complex skill, requiring years of practice to perfect. It’s no surprise that legal interpreting is one of the most specialized roles for interpreter in Dubai.

A legal interpreter specializes in facilitating communication between individuals speaking different languages and cultures.

As well as translating relevant terms and ideas surrounding litigation. In essence, an interpreter during legal proceedings must have a strong knowledge of both language pairs involved.

But they must also have a thorough understanding of courtroom etiquette, acceptable behavior (both legally and socially). Communication styles and protocols, legal terminology, and various court systems.

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