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Today chess has its own magnanimity across the world. The same has been enhanced even more by the best online chess training classes in the USA and all over the world. The respective chess classes from a popular online chess classes institution help you to become an expert with the basic skills and specialized knowledge about chess.

Always Familiarity with the Chess Pieces

In a single game of chess, there are 32 pieces, which makes two sets, each holding 16 pieces. Each set contains a king and a queen, two rooks, bishops, and knights are a total of 8 pawns in one set.

Movement of pieces: 

Then, the player is introduced to the direction of movement of each category. 

Along with the movements of the pieces, one should be familiar with the placement of the same on the board. The chessboard is designed to have 32 alternate black and white squares of each colour. On the whole, it makes a total of 64 squares placed in a way that the black colour is on the leftmost position of each player. 

The best feature of these classes is the flexibility of the same as per your time preferences. 

The basic skills once developed, can be explored and excelled through regular practice and observations. For this purpose, the beginners can refer to the expert gameplays uploaded by the renowned players. [Read More]

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