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The Book Wears Small Cannon Fodder Counterattack

Even their loved ones are the same, because life goes on, sadness will always be forgotten, one year, two years, three years, ten years have passed in a twinkling of an eye. In the passage of time, there are new gods and goddesses in Yunguo, and many people have forgotten the outstanding former unmarried couple. Even the parents of the Ye family were so sad when they knew that their son had an accident. But sadness is not the whole of life, although their hearts still do not forget their son, their hearts still feel empty, but they will never be as sad as before. After Ye Chongshan was gone, the Ye family quickly selected an outstanding young Junjie to become their son. Although Ye’s master did not teach his son as attentively as he did, he also taught him what he should teach. The Su family was very simple, and restored the state before Miss Su did not return. The ancestors of the Su family and the head of the Su family did not declare that they wanted to make Su Rusha their daughter,push back racking system, but because Su Rusha was only 30 years old and was already a five-level pharmacist, the Su family acquiesced in her heart. At this time, the new Xuanhuang Mainland Youth Competition is about to be held again. Su Rusha has naturally become one of the most outstanding players in Tianmormen. There are only 15 players in this year’s Tianmormen, and most of them are of the Chinese generation. Most of the true disciples of the Chinese generation are over 40 years old. The leader is still the Venerable Zibu and the Master Shangxuan Saint. The Venerable Zibu watched the young players talking and laughing on the spaceship. He couldn’t help thinking of the lovely appearance of the beautiful and elegant girl who was curious to circle around the spaceship when she first saw the spaceship ten years ago. His heart was filled with feelings of missing. It was a pity that such a girl was gone. After the spaceship arrived in the mountain country, the new players looked around curiously, but Su Rusha was not curious. She was quite complacent. Who else could compare with her this time. Because of the last session of the young strong into the secret of a large mortality rate,teardrop pallet racking, the other players to the game are a little nervous, Su Rusha did not have that kind of mood, the reason is very simple, last session into the secret of two wood department powers are alive out. As a former six-level wood power, Su Rusha knows very well how to use plants to protect her own safety when she enters the secret world. Even if she can’t kill many power beasts, it’s no problem to live. She won’t be like those warriors who can’t do anything but fight. When did such a young master appear in the casual cultivation of the cloud country? Why had I never heard of him before? He was less than forty years old and was already in the late stage of level six. Who could beat him? He was the first master among the young strong men. Even if Ye Chongshan is not dead, he may not be able to compare with him in his practice until now. Before they reached the station of Tianmormon, they heard a group of cloud people discussing. Chapter 194 Xiang Jinzhen Jun. ? Among the contestants of this year’s Xuanhuang Mainland Youth Strong Competition in Yunguo, there suddenly appeared a Zhenjun who was already a military general in the late sixth level at the age of less than 40, which was really surprising and unbelievable. But all the players who register for the competition here, there are three things that can not be faked, warehouse storage racks ,industrial racking systems, age, gender, cultivation, so people do not believe it. Not to mention that the Mormon people who heard the news that swept the whole Young Strong Competition were amazed, everyone who heard the news for the first time was amazed. This is the peerless genius they have never seen, in the past five hundred years, no one has ever been able to reach this level at such a young age, so this young Zhenjun named Xiang Jin can be said to be the first genius in five hundred years. Now the problem is that when we ask each other about the information of Xiang Jinzhen Jun, we find a shocking fact that no one has ever heard of Xiang Jinzhen Jun before, and this Xiang Jinzhen is like appearing out of thin air. Mr. Xiang Jinzhen has such an evil potential to practice, because he has been practicing in seclusion all the year round. It is impossible for him not to contact with human beings at all. Unless people who have seen him are certainly not practitioners, they will not notice this person. But why has no one in Yunguo ever known the existence of this person before. And what is even more astonishing is that Xiang Jinzhen, who has the potential to practice evil spirits, is actually a casual practitioner. The eyes of those clan families in the Cloud Kingdom are all blind, and they have allowed such an evil spirit to drift away. You should know that most of the practitioners who become casual practitioners are those who cannot enter a big family, but their potential for practice is not very bad. They are unwilling to become servants of others and have the ability to get the secret book of practice. A casual word can explain that their living conditions are generally not very rich, so there are many casual groups of mercenary regiments, which take over tasks from the mercenary guild to earn the cost of living and training. However, those who want to be able to go further spend most of their time in practice. This will naturally lead to a shorter time for casual training to go out to take tasks, and the income will naturally not be too high. Therefore, although the situation of most of the casual practitioners is better than that of the common people, compared with the ordinary disciples of those aristocratic families, the casual practitioners seem to live a rough life. But this Xiangjin Zhenjun is too different. Are those people in Yunguo blind? Such a peerless genius, no one found it, let him wander outside and no one solicits him. However, for some people, it is good to practice in a casual way, so that they can have the opportunity to attract. For a while, all the families in the cloud country are ready to exert their strength. Such talents, as long as their conduct is not too bad, it is worthwhile to spend a lot of money to attract them. But those who have the honor to have seen the person called Xiang Jinzhen Jun have a different view, that young six late military commanders, will not be the impression of the more vulgar casual. Although Xiang Jinzhen Jun’s clothes look very common, his face is also very ordinary, but his bearing is absolutely not like a civilian,medium duty racking, his words and deeds can be full of the style of an aristocratic family. Bearing this thing but can not do false, is the need for long-term edification will form the style, a casual practice can not have this kind of bearing.

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