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War 1938 (World War II through the strong push of the SC)

“no……” Qin Tian stroked his forehead and was so depressed that even his English came out. Sure enough, the nymphomaniac race is not divided into times and nationalities. “Don’t look at them. They are gentle and elegant on this occasion. When they go out to the battlefield, or if you accidentally provoke them, you will suffer.” “How do you know if you haven’t seen it?” Catherine opened her eyes wide. Qin Tian choked, and she finally understood what the problem was. She was timid and narrow-minded, all because she had come into contact with too many later World War II films, in which the German army had a taste of all kinds of cruelty, even if exaggerated, she was frightened, such an impression brought to the present, more unforgettable by the war. She knew in her heart that there was no real secret to save her life in this era, and that only by being careful could she have the greatest hope. But Catherine they don’t know ah, even they think, the war is over, as long as the situation improves, the Polish government formally surrendered, they can pack up and go home! This is indeed the case at present. The reason for such a grand celebration today is the news from the front that Gdynia, the last city of stubborn resistance in Poland, has stopped resisting. Poland has been completely divided between the Soviet Union and Germany. The last step is that Germany is preparing to establish the Polish Governor’s Palace and rule the German-occupied areas. For the German soldiers present, this was the expected news. General Blaskowitz made a brief announcement and left in a hurry with cheers, leaving behind young and middle-aged officers and Polish nobles with stiff and pale expressions. Even these German officers probably thought that the war was over, that Germany had occupied part of Poland, and that they could declare their victory and honor with their folks. However,whirlpool hot tub, only Qin Tian knows that all this has just begun. Hitler’s ambition was far more than that, his SS had not yet played a big role, the Jews had not been taught a lesson, Germany had not.. Dominate Europe. Whatever stands in his way will be strangled, torn apart and thrown into hell by his armored torrent. The author has something to say: This chapter transition It mainly explains the complete occupation of Poland and the psychological state of a bit player. AND The copywriter said This is not the battlefield love article, just has the CP, but will not be the key point. The point is, I want to write about World War II.. Nothing else JJ is smoking to death!!! I sent the article N times! 12. Bumping into Late at night,indoor endless pool, guests either enter the guest room or leave in twos and threes, leaving the waiters who have been busy all day to clean up the leftovers. Qin Tian’s mouth was bulging with white bread, chewing while sorting out the remaining food on the plate, still intact in the bag, the rest poured into the bucket, and then put the plate on the cart for people to carry back to the washroom. Saneto pushed the empty cart into the hall again. He whispered to Qin Tian, “Tian, someone is looking for you outside.” Then he looked at the bag full of leftover food in Qin Tian’s hand. “You take the food first, and I’ll tell the manager.” Collecting the leftovers is the task assigned by the manager. The supplies in the hotel are controlled by the Germans. If you want to help some Poles, you have to be a little more secretive. Qin Tian took the bag and went to the back door, the passage where the garbage was thrown in the kitchen, and outside he saw a figure shrinking by the door. With the street lamp by the door, Qin Tian took two steps closer and finally saw the man clearly. She rubbed her eyes and hesitated but affirmed: “Lina?” After the man looked up and saw Qin Tian, he rushed up with a low sob, but braked the car before hugging him: “Tian, Tian, 5 person hot tub ,Whirlpool bathtub, are you all right?” “I should ask you that.” Qin Tian windward smell a strange smell, and look at her appearance, understand why Lina did not rush up. Too dirty, her body wrapped in a large plaid shawl has been unable to see the true colors, as if a lump of mud wrapped in her body, her dusty face, has been sunken cheeks, under the street lamp, eyes dull, but when she saw Qin Tian, slightly a little look. Lena, I hear there are Jews being arrested all over the city. How about you? Qin Tian stepped forward to hold Lina, so the sticky touch and strange taste made her frown. “Tian, we hide everywhere, I really have no way.” What do you need? Are you all right? Where are the people who came together? My mother came, too. She didn’t find my father. We, we hid in.. Hiding in.. Lena paused. “I can’t tell you, but, but do you have anything to eat …” We haven’t eaten for three days, and my mother is dying. Qin Tian didn’t even think about it, so he handed over the bag in his hand: “Here, this is some leftovers from the restaurant. Our food is also controlled. That’s all I have.” The bags are not small, although the food is mixed into a paste, but the chef’s handwriting will not be bad, the manager often takes these bags out to some Polish people who have lost their homes and are wandering around. Lena took it, hid it under her shawl, and said gratefully, “Thank you, Tian, thank you very much.” “Don’t thank me,” Qin Tian shook his head. “How are you doing now?” Lena seemed worried. “Tian, thank you. I, I have to go. There are German soldiers patrolling everywhere.” ” “Well, then be careful.” Qin Tian has not finished, Lina has turned around and ran into the night. Qin Tian looked for a while, the intersection in the distance seemed to have a group of German patrols passing by, she felt a cold, hurriedly retreated into the hotel, just walked into the hall and ran into the manager head-on. After more than a month of “exercise”, the once fat manager seemed to be much better, but also haggard, but it did not affect his optimism. At this time, he bumped into Qin Tian head-on. He sniffed: “Tian, are you going out to see the God of mice? It has a strange smell. Qin Tian hesitated for a moment and said, “Manager, I don’t want to cause trouble to the hotel. I don’t want to hide it from you. If, if my friend is a Jew..” The manager raised his eyebrows and suddenly smiled, “Oh, my dear Tian, do you also think that the disaster of the Polish nation is caused by those Jews?” Qin Tian shook his head: “I don’t think so,garden jacuzzi tub, but I don’t know if you think so, after all, I can’t control other people’s thoughts.” 。

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